Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower
Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower
Art Unbound, Inclusion Absolute
Art Unbound, Inclusion Absolute
Hong Kong Observatory
Hong Kong Observatory
Former Kowloon British School
Former Kowloon British School
Heritage for All Drawing Competition

Organised by the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), the “Art Unbound, Inclusion Absolute - Heritage for All Drawing Competition” invites the participation of people with disabilities to encourage them to be engaged in social activities. Participants can use their creativity, not only to express themselves through art, but also to appreciate historic buildings from new perspectives. The AMO hopes the submissions would resonate with the general public, encourage social inclusion by bringing the general population closer to people with disabilities, and promote appreciation for antiquities and monuments in Hong Kong. Participants are invited to select one of four designated historic buildings as their subjects, and depict attributes of their selections through art.

Pairing the universal language of art with the appreciation of historic buildings, the competition hopes to inspire mutual understanding among people with different abilities.

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Art Unbound, Inclusion Absolute - Heritage for All Drawing Competition


To provide a platform for people with disabilities to showcase their artistic talents, as well as spark general curiosity towards declared monuments and historic buildings in Hong Kong.


  1. Participants must be Hong Kong residents (i.e. holders of valid Hong Kong identity cards) and holders of valid registration cards for persons with disabilities, or disability certificates issued by Hong Kong registered doctors, medical professionals, or supervisors of relevant institutions. Participants must be aged 16 or above.
  2. Entries must depict the attributes of one of four historic buildings designated by the “Art Unbound, Inclusion Absolute - Heritage for All Drawing Competition”.

Awards and Prizes

  1. Champion: Book coupons worth HK$10,000; trophy
  2. 1st runner-up: Book coupons worth HK$6,000; trophy
  3. 2nd runner-up: Book coupons worth HK$4,000; trophy
  4. Winner of the “My Favourite Artwork” online poll: Book coupons worth HK$3,000 (five winners)
  5. Participation in the “My Favourite Artwork” online poll: Supermarket vouchers worth HK$50 (100 winners)

Designated Historic Buildings

Antiquities and Monuments Office
Corporate Social Organisation:
Keenable Creation
MentalCare Connect Co Ltd
Supporting Organisation:
Art in Hospital
Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
Equal Opportunities Commission
Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth
Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises
Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities
Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power
The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
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